The 2018 Wedding Packages:

Both packages includes 9 Hours of photography by Alex. 

Steph&Jason (2 of 2).jpg
Kathy & Chris

Tell me about your wedding packages

All packages starts with one photographer, that's Alex. Alex will be there on your wedding day starting at 8 Hours.

If you'd like we have a package that contains a custom laid flat, elegantly modern and clean wedding album. In either a Linen or Leather Cover.

With every package you will receive a teaser gallery one week after your wedding. Your final images will be delivered 4-5 Weeks after your wedding, in a protective hard drive (if purchased the physical package)


Hard drive delivered to your door

The best component of the package is the Hard Drive, that has all the pictures from your wedding.

You can do anything you'd like with that. If you'd like to make prints you can add a print package to your wedding. The package has prints ranging from 2, 11x14's to 100 4x6's

Sandy & Ed - San Francisco Wedding
Bruna & Alex

Engagement Packages available

Album package with Hard Drive & just Hard Drive packages

Maybe you two are getting married and need something for the invitations. Maybe you just want to surprise her with a photoshoot. Whatever be the reason, this is package is for you