11 Easily Answered Questions:


Q: What are your rates?

A: Rate are based off of what kind of package you'd like, and your budget, please Contact Me and ill send a PDF over

Q: Do you Travel?

A: Yes I Travel! And I love it! Lets talk, the wedding prices do not change, we just have to factor in the cost of bringing me to you guys. The more outrageous and adventures the better!

Q: How do we book and pay you?

A: Right after we email you’ll receive a link to how to pay online

Q: How many pictures do we get?

A: An average wedding day gives you about +500-1,000 edited images. Of course not every wedding is the same, so that number usually goes up. If your wedding is short, the images might be less.

Q: Do you have assistants? Our Wedding is Huge!

A: Sometimes weddings are so large that I will need some extra help, but I will always be Your Wedding Photographer. I will never hand off your wedding to someone else, you paid for Alex you get Alex!

Q: How long does it take to get my pictures?

A: You'll get your wedding teaser 1-2 weeks after your wedding that has about 25 pictures and three weeks after that is when you should revive the hard drive in the mail with all your pictures on it

Q: Do all your weddings end up on your blog?

A: Sadly no. There are too many weddings and too little time in the day to put every wedding online

Q: Family and Group Pictures?

A: Of course! you get family and group pictures. We can make sure we put in the timeline

Q: Do you just photograph weddings?

A: Yes and No. I stay close to my photojournalism roots and occasionally you’ll see my work published in various newspapers and online news feeds. Of course weddings do take up most of my time, and it has been nice to step away from photographing hard news all the time.

Q: So I hear you have a girlfriend and a puppy?

A: Yes and I love them both so much!

So much so that our puppy has her own hashtag #LanaThePup